Bitcoin secret price stability bores traders and creates confidence

With an almost unchanged trading volume, Bitcoin has been trading very stable between 415 and 425 US dollars over the past 8 days.

Bitcoin secret price movement

Some experts say the long-lasting price stability and low volatility of the digital currency bores a lot of traders and has already driven some of them out of the market. Blockchain and management consultant George Samman says Bitcoin secret volatility is currently lower than it has been since 2012. The result of the Bitcoin secret is a low trading volume, which is currently well below the 52-Day and 52-Week Moving Averages.

“I still think it’s the calm before the big storm,” Samman says. “It’s almost like a non-trading zone.”

Zane Tackett, head of product development at Bitfinex, the Bitcoin exchange, has a similar view: “At the moment there are only a lot of people observing and waiting, which has ultimately calmed the market down.

He says that the market is waiting for “how to solve the scaling problem” and “whether the SegWit (Segregated Witnes) Soft-Fork will be set up smoothly and on time in April”.

Other market observers such as Arthur Hayes of BitMEX say that seasonal factors such as the Easter holidays and the Qing Ming holidays in China also play a role in the low trading activity in the Bitcoin market.

According to the CoinDesk price index, the Bitcoin price rose from 415.42 US dollars to 421.07 US dollars from the beginning of the month until April 8, 12:00 UTC – this corresponds to a growth of 1.4%.

Most of the time, however, the Bitcoin price moved between 415 and 420 US dollars. Until April 8 only 5 million Bitcoins were traded – a value that was far exceeded with 32 million Bitcoins in the previous week.

Ether is volatile

While Bitcoin showed its quiet side last week, the digital currency ether was hot on the heels. Here the ethereum fell 14.3% from 0.028 BTC to 0.024 BTC on 8 April 12:00 UTC.

Due to low Bitcoin price volatility, some traders were looking for an alternative such as ether, Hayes said. Here we saw a 24-hour trading volume of 19,898 BTC of ether at the end of the week due to strong interest in ether.

Christopher Burniske, analyst at ARK Invest, subjected Ether to a technical analysis:

“Ether broke through the triple bottom support barrier at around 0.0235 Bitcoin/Ether – which had been forming since March 20. If Ether doesn’t manage to reverse this trend, it is likely that the price will continue to fall to 0.020. Here we could observe on 18. March a high trade volume – at that time the price rose rapidly here.

Confidence in Bitcoin grows
While Bitcoin price stability has generated a lot of interest in the digital currency ether, some experts say that the low Bitcoin volatility gives more confidence to the digital currency.

Bitcoin: Secret report from cryptosoft hack published

Six employees of Bitcoin’s Bitstamp exchange were spied on in a phishing attack that lasted several weeks and cheated by five million dollars in January 2015. This is the conclusion of a previously unconfirmed report produced within the company.

The confidential document was published by an unknown person with a single-purpose account on Reddit, which was apparently created only for this purpose. This secret document reveals a deep look into the details behind the attack and shows how the 19,000 Bitcoins were lost earlier this year. The company only provided very brief information on the process, which took place behind the scenes.

Bitstamp employees infected with cryptosoft malware

The cryptosoft report contains detailed information about the cause and the course of cryptosoft events. It also shows the risk that Bitcoin stock exchanges, which use social applications, among other things, are running today.

The same is said to have happened with Bitstamp: the hackers used Skype and e-mails to contact the employees. With numerous forged documents they tried to infect the employees with malware. The files sent are said to have been very professional, they say. They were specifically targeted at employees’ personal lives and interests. Exactly this was an expensive fate for the system administrator.

Carelessness of the administrator caused infection
The Bitstamp system was infected when system administrator Luka Kodric opened a file that, he thought, came from an organization spokesman and wanted to recruit him as a member. With the unsuspecting download, however, he quickly installed the hacker’s malware.

The report says:

“As part of the “offer,” an attacker sent numerous documents on December 11. One of these documents, UPE_application_form.doc, contained a VBA script containing a small malicious spaghetti code. Once opened, the script started downloading a malicious program from IP address, compromising our system.”

Spaghetti code in software is source code in a messy and unstructured style that contains confused or partly superfluous control structures.

In the end, the hackers managed to access the two wallet.dat files for Bitstamps Hot Wallets and clean them out with keys that had also been captured.

If one trusts the information, the report consists of findings from the external company Stroz Friedberg for digital forensics, investigators of the US Secret Service, the FBI and British authorities for cybercrime.

Phishing on a large scale
According to the report, the attacks date back to November 4, 2014, when one of the attackers contacted the Bitstamp CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Damian Merlak to offer him free tickets to a punk rock festival.

COO Miha Grcar was contacted in mid-November by a person pretending to be a reporter on Skype. He tried to reinfect Bitstamp with malware, but Grcar refused to accept the document.

Only two days earlier, Bistamp Support boss Anzej Simicak was also about to be infected when the attacker pretended to be someone looking for information for a new project.

In December, the attackers then got down to business and masqueraded: Several Bitstamp employees reported cases of similar attempts to infect employees and servers.

BTC: A currency, money or commodity?

Bitcoins: The significance of the technology is very clear for users. However, when it comes to states, opinions vary widely. We have tried to find out what Bitcoins really are, a commodity, a currency or money. The classification of Bitcoins is particularly important for tax treatment.
Disagreements in the United States

If one examines some institutions, the following picture of the Bitcoin formula ideas emerges:

In the United States there are many different views of Bitcoin formula: Each state sets its own laws and understands Bitcoin from a different perspective. At the same time, everyone wants to maintain control and influence over crypto technology. (We are now consciously talking about crypto technology and not crypto currency, because Bitcoins are not really a currency from the point of view of all states).

FinCEN sees Bitcoins as currency, while the SEC treats them as money. On the other hand, the CFTC regards them as commodities.

Debate on Bitcoins as a commodity

In particular, the CFTC’s proposal to designate it as a commodity caused a great stir in the Bitcoin community and triggered a debate. Treating Bitcoin as such property could have negative consequences for its owners.

The debate was triggered by Aitan Goelman, the CFTC’s executive officer responsible for implementation:

“Even though the excitement about Bitcoins and other digital currencies is very strong at the moment, an innovation does not justify not having to follow the usual laws and rules, as all other participants in the trading market have to do”.

Other U.S. citizens say that states are all trying to gain more control over Bitcoins and digital currencies. Classification is only a means to an end to achieve this. Depending on Bitcoin’s position under the law, governments may be able to intervene in regulation to varying degrees.

The Lightning Dystopia: How Bitcoin could also become debt money

Bitcoin is designed as a strong value store and a limited good, just like gold. But just as it is impractical to use gold as a means of payment in everyday life, so it is difficult to do so with Bitcoin – the scaling problem greets with high fees and low transaction speed. Ultimately, both physical and digital gold in their pure form are at best suitable for everyday use to a limited extent.

Just as gold ultimately had to give way to more practical paper money, more and more second-layer solutions are also finding their way through Bitcoin, through which the block chain is partially left behind. These proposals, such as the Lightning Network, no longer send Bitcoin, but digital promissory notes covered by Bitcoin, which are transferred via payment channels. Doesn’t that look familiar to you? Weren’t our banknotes originally gold covered?

What could an inflation of the news spy look like?

If we continue to transfer the news spy of gold currencies to digital gold, the next step would be to expand the money supply – i.e. the issuance of Bitcoin promissory notes – at some point. Here is the review by onlinebetrug. Just as people did not withdraw their gold from the bank at some point, it could also be that the Bitcoin would remain on the blockchain and would only be traded with digital promissory notes.

At that time the goldsmiths, who were able to store the precious metals well, gradually developed into banks. If we were to invent a digital dystopia from the idea of the Lightning Network, central distribution points (possibly so-called Lightning hubs?) would also emerge at Bitcoin. Probably these distribution points would emerge from the largest payment channels. These would gradually manage all Bitcoin and might eventually be able to issue more “Bitcoin notes” than Bitcoin.

The digital notes system would be ready. Completely transparent and without annoying cash. The original Bitcoin idea would be hijacked. This would solve the scaling problem – but it wouldn’t have much to do with the basic idea of the blockchain.

How realistic is such a dystopia?

Admittedly: This dystopia is perhaps a bit far-fetched. When US President Nixon revoked the gold standard in the 1970s, it became clear that the US might not have as much gold as they originally said. Although Bitcoin has a lot in common with gold, there is one important difference. The blockchain is open to the public. No one can lock it behind a vault and claim to have more Bitcoin than his address on the blockchain. An expansion of the issuance of Bitcoin promissory notes by (still fictional) central distribution points does not seem very realistic.

Approaches such as the Lightning Network are urgently needed. When I buy a cup of coffee, it is not necessary to obtain the approval of the entire refectory for every purchase; there must be a way in which only the approval of the seller and myself is required. But with all its usefulness, it is also important to be aware of the dangers of second-layer solutions. Decentralisation and the blockchain must be retained as a basic principle.

When ICO-PR is more important than a human life

The crypto industry, rich in excesses, has been enriched by a human catastrophe. For a PR stunt of an ICO launch, a carrier of a crypto expedition died on Mount Everest. His death raises the question of how little a human life is worth between a search for sensation and an interest in profit.

When mountaineer George Mallory was asked in the 1920s why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, he replied, “Because he’s there. This is also a good answer to the question why one should deal with crypto currencies. The combination of the hunt for ever more exciting crypto PR and the real danger of the so-called death zone of the highest mountain in the world has now claimed a human life.

Bitcoin loophole: The main thing is to generate attention

The Ukrainian social media platform undertook the highest PR stunt in the world. The company is currently preparing to launch its own Bitcoin loophole crypto currency. To ensure the necessary attention, the platform sent four Ukrainian crypto enthusiasts to Mount Everest. They were to bury a hardware wallet with ask.fms’ own tokens at the summit.

The company’s own advertising video explains why this was absolutely necessary:

“Crypto projects have to change the rules of the game. Accepting challenges. Conquer heights. Be ready for the highest token, literally.”

Later, a bearded Ukrainian can be seen in the video in bad weather. “We are now at the highest point on earth,” he says, holding a hardware wallet in his camera. Tokens worth 50,000 US dollars are now buried at the summit. The Financial Times then asked where the money came from. The answer: the tokens after the ICO could be worth that. Real value at this point: zero.

The efforts were gigantic, as the press release from showed:

“Two guys were stuck at a height of over 7,000 meters, without reserve oxygen. Under extreme temperatures and unable to descend, they had to call a helicopter squad to the rescue on the second day. Now they are both safe and being treated. And strong to have taken such a step.”

One in over 100 Sherpas does not return
In a Facebook post, Taras Pozdnii, one of the mountaineers, holds his connected hand in the camera, smiles and writes about the frostbite and how he lost 10 kilos. The mail was sent from the capital Kathmandu. This was at a time when Sherpa Lam Babu, a member of the troop, had already disappeared at over 8,000 meters between the summit and Camp IV. Lam was an experienced mountaineer. But it is clear to every connoisseur that one is not “lost” at this altitude without being in absolute danger of death.

As the Financial Times researched, team members were already talking about Lam’s death when still wrote that one of over 100 Sherpas had not turned up yet and you had no information. While the team was flying to Kathmandu by helicopter, Everest chronologist Alan Arnette asked in his blog why nobody came to Lam’s aid.

Jemima Kelly of the Financial Times noted: “The company is still encouraging climbers to look for digital tokens that have no verifiable value, even though a person has already lost his life for them. By the time Lam died on Mount Everest, more than 500 climbers had reached the summit in the young season and three more had lost their lives.

Ethereum wins 1st place in blockchain index from China

The Chinese Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has published a blockchain index. The institute, which is tied to the government, publishes a ranking of 28 ledgers. These are evaluated according to the criteria technology, applicability and innovation. The first three places are occupied by Ethereum, Steemit and Lisk. Bitcoin is a little further behind.

After the People’s Republic of China last year provided for extensive FUD in the crypto world, the government now issued the first official blockchain index for the technologies behind crypto currencies. According to the publication, various researchers evaluated the technologies behind the crypto currencies according to the criteria of basic technology, applicability and innovation.

The Ethereum blockchain is ranked first with a total index of 129.4 points. The ranking consists of 80.3 points for basic technology (B), 23.7 points for applicability (A) and 25.4 points for innovation (I). The steemite blockchain scored 82.6 points in the basic technology, which is even better, but is lagging behind in terms of applicability (9.4 points) and innovation capability (23.9 points), resulting in an overall ranking of 115.9 points. This puts Steemit in second place. The German company Lisk ranked third with 104.8 total points (B: 64.4, A: 20.9, I: 19.5).

The complete list of the Bitcoin news can be found here:

As you can see, Bitcoin news only appears in 13th place. As a pioneer in the blockchain area, the crypto currency receives the best rating with 35.6 points, at least in the area of innovation. The winner in the field of applicability is NEO with 26.6 points. IOTA and Cardano share seventh place.

As you can also see from the list, the publication of the figures stops abruptly after 15th place. Although the ranking is visible, the score is not. Ripple occupies 17th place here, the taillight is NEM.

Criteria in blockchain index not entirely transparent

According to local sources, the index should help to capture the status quo of the development of global blockchain technologies. The aim is to identify trends in good time and, if necessary, promote them.

The exact evaluation criteria and the entire research process are not yet fully visible. Whether and to what extent the ranking is meaningful remains to be seen. The fact that the Ethereum blockchain with its Smart Contracts is at the forefront of basic technology will come as no surprise in this context. The first place for Bitcoin in terms of innovation is also evident here.

Part of the analyst team includes Chen Zhong, who graduated from Beijing University and is now Vice President of JPMorgan in London. Other researchers include Wei Xu of Tsinghua University and Gan Guohua of Microsoft China.

Bitcoin vending machines (ATMs) tested in the crypto trader review

The Bitcoin ATM industry is unlikely to survive in its current form, says Devon Watson, vice president of global financial services provider Diebold.

The future of Bitcoin ATMs according to the crypto trader review

In a recent crypto trader review, Bitcoin ATM manufacturer Watson talked about the uncertain future of Bitcoin ATMs. Since the end of 2013, Watson has been building special machines to convert Fiat money into digital currency. Today, more than 400 Bitcoin machines are in operation worldwide. According to the CoinDesk Q3 State of Bitcoin report, the number of machines even doubled last year.

However, Watson believes that the underlying model of crypto trader review Bitcoin vending machines is “poor” and unlikely to become a competitive product compared to Diebold’s traditional offerings. The vending machines would only offer a small market share.

“Bitcoin ATMs] offer only one benefit to the customer, whereas the majority of ATMs offer a variety of possible transactions and requirements,” Watson CoinDesk said last week at Money20/20 in Las Vegas. He also said:

“I think it’s fair to say it’s difficult with just one feature.”

Digital financial services

Watson believes his business experiment has successfully shown that with the advent of digital financial services it is still necessary to provide physical devices.

According to Watson, Diebold has researched the blockchain and whether it can be used for “transactional purposes,” including the withdrawal and transfer of digital currencies.

He called the exploration of such opportunities an “area of interest” for the company, but that depends mainly on the needs of customers.

“We have reached the point where banks do not accept the Bitcoin for such use cases, but there is sufficient visibility to see how these things come together,” he continued.

If demand demands it, then implementing the technology should be the “easier part” for the company, Watson said. He was less explicit about internal testing conducted at Diebold, but admitted that the company has not released a “customer-focused product” regarding Bitcoin or Blockchain.

“For us, it’s about when and how it makes sense,” he said.

Classification of Daytradings in the trading activities

As a day trader to be successful and earn his living, is the dream of many. How realistic is that?

Day trading means that a position on the same day as closed is opened. This is the only valid definition, the position for hours, minutes and even seconds can be kept within the day’s range.

For the very ultra short-term trading in the seconds to minutes, the term has also scalpingnaturalized (the trader scalpt short-term price swings off), but there is one principle for day trading.

The main reason for daytrading is located in avoiding gaps, so price gaps that can develop overnight each value. These price gaps can be in favor or against a received position, but they can not be calculated in each case, which is compensated by day trading.

Classification of Daytradings in the trading activities

Traders and investors may hold positions for weeks, months and years, this so-called position trading can be very profitable and are relatively low-stress after a certain point. It requires, however, certain conditions. First, the choice of trading instruments is crucial, because while day traders for reasons of money management deal almost exclusively with highly leveraged derivatives that can expire worthless by a Overnigth gap, position traders prefer low leveraged derivatives or equal to the actual underlying, that is primarily a stock or a commodity -Future.


Most likely the difference between position and daytrading basis of one share and one depicted on it derivative is to be understood. When you buy a blue chip as pure shares, or about the stock of a DAX company can assume that they do not expire worthless in the coming years. The Blue Chip has its status as particularly valuable paper within the thirty Dax stocks, because the company is so strong that bankruptcy and a worthless expiration of its shares will be excluded at this stage. So if the stock suffered a one-day gap, it may perhaps fall to two or three percent there, but it is not worthless. By the way, it can also increase by that amount overnight. The investor can ride out this Gap.

But if it is a derivative – a CFD or a knock-out – bought these shares, which can move by 100 percent on the trading well, this derivative may also fall overnight by 100 percent and thus be worthless.

By contrast, the trader can by plus500 review a stop loss hardly protect in principle. There are various hedging strategies against this, but these fall out highly complex. Logically appear daytrading. The derivatives are bought on the trading day and sold before the close in any case, regardless of profits or losses .

Especially relatively low-capitalized traders with accounts between a few hundred to a few thousand euros can hardly act differently if they want to see a result of their actions. If these traders, however, bring a lot of patience, they can operate Position Trading with low leveraged derivatives and a certain strategy.

On the other hand, operate the Trader also working for banks and hedge funds with derivatives daytrading. That is precisely criticized (Warren Buffet: ” derivatives are weapons of mass destruction “) because here millions of dollars are used, the highly leveraged involve high risks. Much of the financial crises since 2007 has been caused that.

Classification of Daytradings in the trading activities

First, the benefits are briefly described and then the necessary action will be explained. The benefits include:

  • No risk by Overnight Gaps
  • Gains realized on the same day
  • Losses remain under strict control
  • Act with relatively low capitalization possible
  • Derivatives trading in the Forex market possible

The risk of overnight gaps is difficult to classify and understand only with some experience. If you want to get an idea about it, you look at some forex values such as EUR / USD, EUR / GBP, USD / JPY, EUR / JPY or GBP / USD. Also, the Dax is very interesting, it is often used by many trading newcomers for the CFD or knockout trade, by the way wrongly. There are much better values also and especially for day trading.

If you look at these values now on a five-day chart, you will notice that the values have occasionally ended this detailed etoro review provides in the evening somewhere else when she opened the next morning. With this, the opening of the German stock exchange is meant. There are some brokers that allow overnight trading in the forex area, but first you have to sleep sometime, secondly, there is currently little experience with whether the overnight trade connection works really well to an American or Japanese stock exchange.

Many traders prefer a German broker with German support or traded on German trading centers such as Stuttgart derivatives. There you can trade from Monday to Friday from 08.00 until 22:00 (but not every security) and the stock exchange between 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. over the counter. We recommend always exchange trading with buy and sell stops, because any broker falls at some point in time, if only for minutes. If the order is placed at the stock exchange, it is still triggered. So you can stop-buy plan your actions and stop loss, namely intraday.

Those who book a lot of values that can ride out the overnight gaps with derivatives theoretically because some gaps be in favor of the trader. But sometimes markets plunge overnight off completely, which was, for example, after the Fukushima disaster like this. On Monday morning, 3/14/2011, no traders in the world wanted to have derivatives in the portfolio, unless short positions on the Nikkei (the Dax fell well off).

When day trading a position is posted, according to chart technical point of a positive development can be expected within the next few hours by the. Then, the position is secured with a stop loss to recommend are about 10 to 20 percent below the entry, which in turn should represent one to two percent of the total available capital .

For example, IQ Option is nice

Option IQ is one of the most popular virtual broker for binary options. The active accounts exceed eleven million, and the scope of overall daily options is around a million and a half. Numbers of note, for a trading platform officially registered in 2013, just three years ago. As reported on dedicated Internet pages and in the information confirmed by the distribution channels in the industry, Get honest Ethereum code opinions and ratings the brand has climbed the popularity ratings of up to achieve remarkable results.

Ethereum Code and IQ Option

For example, IQ Option is an official partner of Aston Martin Racing , and the sponsor is beginning to take root even in the sphere of Formula 1 and other sporting contexts. In addition, the platform has been awarded major international awards , promoted by organizations of trading industry as Jair Show FX World and Masterforex-V Academy.

Based on the registrations on the App Store, IQ Options has earned the title of the first trading app for distribution in 28 countries (including Italy, Germany and Great Britain). One can say that the reputation is well deserved: with a fully functional graphical user interface and an impeccable service, in addition to the reliability of payments and transparency of the dynamics, to find significant flaws in the coordination of the opportunities offered by IQ Option is revealed right from the start a business.

Open an account with IQ Option


The company from which the website is administered for the European section, is the Iqoption Europe Ltd. , headquartered in Cyprus, more precisely at Silver House Business Center, 19 Spyros Kyprianou Avenue, 3070 Limassol. There Wondering if IQ Option is a scam are plenty of more in-depth legal information: the license number for the Cypriots registrars is 247/14, while the company’s identification code is 327751.

Data on the remaining concessions (for example those issued by the Netherlands, France and other European nations) are available on a dedicated page on the website, easily accessible. They also provided e-mail addresses for support, accessible not only by members of the site , but also for the simple request for information.

The contact data and legal recognition, as just mentioned, are complete , without the exclusion of the phone number (omitted in the case of some other brokers). Within this article the IQ Options functionality will be deepened with an evaluation objective and comprehensive , in order to highlight clearly the strong points and weak ones, in spite of the latter are almost negligible compared to the benefits.

Investing with binary options: how it works?


The concept behind investments binary options is as follows. They invest the sums of a prediction, which relates to the value of a specific financial instrument the expiration of a predetermined time interval . Warning: it is not necessary to define a precise value; it is sufficient to indicate whether this will be higher or lower compared to the reported value for the moment in which it confirms the bet.

If the prediction proves correct, the investor earns, in addition to the invested amount, an additional percentage . The term “binary options” actually comes from the field of possibilities offered by the platform, restricted to only two choices. Clearly, following the preliminary analysis, such as investment dynamic binary options may seem related to gambling.

In fact, contrary to the claims by many fans in the industry, this form of use of economic resources requires some skill (just like the forex trading at iFOREX ), which do not concern the simple luck. This does not mean, however, that it is impossible to approach the world of investing through binary options; on the contrary, this interesting source of income is understood in some cases as a good springboard .

This is useful, in fact, for learning a first distinction between the various types of financial instruments . In this regard, IQ Option has many features aimed at education users, but also help in the interpretation of the markets in real time (so-called indicators, better treated during the next few paragraphs of review). The price of each operation can vary on the basis of preset cuts: also in this case the choice is wide, you can perform the input in a single turn with a few Euros, but also with much larger digits.

Open an account with IQ Option


How do I register, deposit and withdraw my money? IQ Option pays correctly?


Registration for the IQ Options trading platform is simple as much as the dictates of binary options. You must first provide personal data so accurately is essential not to make mistakes during this step, if you want the recording operations at the site are to be successful.

Please note that some seemingly unnecessary information (such as social security number) are requested by such sites to check for citizenship ; They can, in fact, that in some countries the investment transactions made possible by the site are legal. After creating your account you must make an initial payment, the lower limit of which is 10 €. Subsequent payments will not be bound by the rigid starting impositions .

It is advisable not to limit their funds in such a small sum, in order not to risk the complete loss of the capital after a few rounds. As for the collection of their claims, the channels are granted cards belonging to Visa and MasterCard , Neteller and Skrill platforms and WebMoney.

IQ Option pays sums that traders have earned if those require IQ Option withdrawal. The repayment happens in three different stages that are visible personal account. These are the stages Question, processing, Processed. The entire procedure lasts pick three working days .

If you need more information about the payment of the levy and you can read our extensive article on ‘ IQ Option withdrawal .

Bitcoin Code – a scam in the making. 100% Real Reviews 2017!

As we know, Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency that exists in the market and the first that was created as an alternative method within the economic system established. The brokers had not yet analyzed this market, but now, Bitcoin Code  seems to be the support we expected to invest in this digital currency.

Bitcoin code - review sistema de tradingWe say this to seem, because in reality, as we have entered the website of the investment platform, we realized right away that this is a completely fraudulent support , lack of information is amazing and also uses a large number of tools that are very common in platforms that are a real scam.

This is not to say that there are no media that can offer good financial services in this regard, however, we can say for sure that The Bitcoin Code is a total rip – off . Its sole purpose is to try to get our attention with fraudulent messages so, to keep all our money.

We will not allow, so today we conducted this analysis so that you too know the scam that put us The organization Bitcoin Code ia a complete SCAM in front and directly we include this trading platform on our blacklist holders thus avoid achieve getting its objective.

You are ready? Perfect, then we will start skinning the riffraff of Bitcoin Code, they will not get a single euro from us.

Table of Contents hide ]

  • 1 Bitcoin Code – a scam in the making . 100% Real Reviews 2017!
    • 1.1 ¿Qué es The Bitcoin code?
      • 1.1.1 ✸ Information not present on this system
      • 1.1.2 ✸ There are already several analyzes showing that it is a SCAM
      • 1.1.3 ✸ unregulated Platform
    • 1.2 The “best” software world
      • 1.2.1 ✸ An automated system SCAMS
      • 1.2.2 ✸ promises $ 13,000 in one hour
    • 1.3 The great inventor of this fraud
      • 1.3.1 ✸ Sergio Marlon does not exist … is a character invented
      • 1.3.2 ✸ Lies disclosed thymus
    • 1.4 Reviews of users who tested BitCoin Code
    • 1.5 Use of tools to swindle
      • 1.5.1 ✸ A free system? DO NOT!
      • 1.5.2 ✸ Bookmarks to give a sense of urgency
      • 1.5.3 ✸ “tricks” to give a sense of exclusivity
    • 1.6 Conclusions and final assessment

¿Qué it The Bitcoin code?

As we do in all our analysis on binary options platforms, this time, we will also start commenting on what exactly BitCoin Code.

software de trading BitCoin Code

Yes, we know that it is a stand that “supposedly” offers us a great financial services to invest in this cryptocurrency , but as we do not trust nor hair of them, the first thing we’ve done is try to figure out how long it takes on stage this platform.

✸ Information not present on this system

As we entered their website, we have quickly tried to click on any of the documents or links that are located check out this website at the bottom of the page, to see if they could find a date, a year, a month … to have a clue when this system was founded.

Have you seen our new section SIGNALS Binary Options ?

“We have analyzed a large number of platforms Signs and want to share with you the 3 best results have been obtained.” 😀


As expected, we have not gotten nothing therefore these people intended us to trust them without even knowing the years of experience they have.

The funny thing about all this is that, as we were clicking on the various links we have said, did not lead us anywhere else on the network, simply reloaded the home page then how do we know the action policies and the BitCoin Privacy Code?

We will not be able to know in life, because they do not exist, and we will advance this platform investment was a scam and now we are starting to corroboration.

✸ There are several analyzes showing that it is a SCAM

We continue walking around the web if we have overlooked some detail, but it really is that there is no type of information, therefore, the first on the forehead.

El código de un fraude Bitcoin it

Still, we wanted to further investigate a little more if we could find on the Internet any information that we could be helpful, however, it seems that the network little information is available on this system, only we have found several analyzes , such as that we are doing right now us about The BitCoin Code.

If a large number of people criticized the company , they will not all be wrong right ?. After many laps and not getting any data that provide us about it , we are clear that this support is not reliable.

✸ unregulated Platform

Nor is it something that surprised us, but we will go ahead with our work in order to further corroborate what we already thought, that BitCoin Code is a scam major brand .

Before moving to the next section, we must also say that the website does not appear or the seal or signature of any regulatory agency .

So we know that the activity carried on this support is fraudulent, there is no entity that regularized so, and with this presentation, we know that throughout our analysis we can find everything. But we are fully prepared, these people we will not so easily fooled.

The “best” software world

Now that we have realized that  The Bitcoin Code has a total lack of regulation and does not offer us any information that we may have some reference about it, it’s time to inquire about the system presented to us, who knows? The same are so good at what they have forgotten to include other data.

benefits of registering on the platform

Clearly it is a platform for defrauding (such as you have in our blacklist) , but you have to take it with humor at least, can not forget that this rabble wants to take our money, so before you laugh at us we will desmontarles the stall quickly.

As expected, Bitcoin Code presents a “unique and innovative” system , put it in quotes because it is not the first time we find a software as “wonderful” as this. Unfortunately, it will not be the last.

✸ An automated system SCAMS

Well, The Bitcoin Code in theory is a fully automated trading system therefore have little to do us, just check on the website and the software will work for us. It’s really great to have a tool like this, so easy and quick to use.

review sobre la estafa BitcoinCode

Do not be fooled by cheap talk, because they are quick to take our data so quickly captarnos and therefore nickel and dimed in a blink of an eye . They will not get it.

✸ promises $ 13,000 in one hour

Well, the software is based on complex mathematical algorithms, which are used to hearing from plataformasde this kind and the best thing about this system is that it ensures a profit of about 13 thousand dollars in just 24 hours , amazing is not it ?.

Important : We are already very tired of attempting to deceive us with all this, we know perfectly well that market transactions can report us great benefits, but no such amounts much less without giving a hard change.

Yes, as you read, it is that above all tell us that, even though the software is very elaborate, us not cost us anything, so we’ll get a machine to make money for free who’s going to believe this milonga?

We do not, of course, but still have to continue to analyze The Bitcoin Code because surely we are more surprises to discover.

The great inventor of this fraud

One time we’ve known of this fantastic software, we could not pass up the opportunity to know who is the head thinking lies behind Bitcoin Code . Good thing we’ve put immediately face is called Sergio Marlon and is the person who has done that we will be rich for life.

Sergio Marlon de autor Bitcoin code

It makes quite funny how Mr. Marlon is presented on the page. It turns out that our friend Sergio is an expert in making such software and tells us that long ago created a similar project for a large company … company? which?.

We will stay with the desire to know, because Mr. Marlon prefers not to reveal the name of that company , of course normal thing is that their own scam invents and another is already put foreign companies are confident that they have no Sergio idea who he is.

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“We have analyzed a large number of platforms Signs and want to share with you the 3 best results have been obtained.” 😀


Is not it a our thinking, we could easily check it .

✸ Sergio Marlon does not exist … is a character invented

For starters, the picture displayed on screen this great inventor does not correspond to any man with that name.

Moreover, that image we have seen in a bank of photographs Internet ( , so dear Sergio … do not deceive us more!

But we also happened a very curious thing is that when we have entered The BitCoin Code with proficiency in Spanish, we have met with Sergio Marlon.

The funny thing is when we have done the same thing but this time with the English proficiency it turns out that our friend Sergio renames and this time is called Steve McKay .

✸ Lies disclosed thymus

Fantastic! We also want to change personality according to the country where we are. Like I said, what BitCoin Code is a real scam and could write to uppercase.

We do not understand why they want to deceive us in this way and also make fatal because they are caught quickly . I invented this guy’s personality has been very strong, but we get the feeling that it is not the only profile that we will find on this platform that is totally false.

We will continue with our analysis of TheBitcoinCode, because we want to see how far we are able to come to try to do with our money.